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Emission Tester


• It is in complete compliance with the opacity control procedure for vehicle inspection centres and with the procedure for
determining the opacity applicable to repair workshops
• Opacity analysis function with display of the opacity curve
• Before use, adjustment to zero value and calibration: automatic
• Bluetooth (option)
• Linearity check
• Low accumulation of soots
• Most robust product on the market
4Gas analyzer CO,CO2,HC,O2

• Compatible with the OIML R99 Class 0 and ISO 3930 standards
• Multi-gas analysis mode
• Vehicle inspection mode
• Compact
• Pre-heating time <5 min. à 20°
• Automatic condensation extraction
• Automatic auto zero evey 30 minutes, priority to measurements
Emissions tester for Petrol Engine
In analysis of HC, CO, CO2, O2 emissions with calculation of Lambda
Automatic switch-off (prevents condensed water from penetrating test chamber)
Separate pump for separation of condensed water
Emission testing of CNG, LPG and Otto engines possible.
Display of measured values via cabled hand terminal with LCD-display (two-line)
Can be expanded to measure NO.
LED-display module
Automatic Self-check
Emission Tester for diesel engines (opacimeter)

Official German PTB-approval 18.09
Complies with ECE R24, ISO 3173 and ISO/TC22/SC 5 N 650 provisions and guidelines.
Time-saving trouble-free testing and diagnosis of emission turbidity using partial current procedure with free acceleration or with engine under load
Single or continuous testing
Integrated test chamber temperature sensor
High-powered test chamber heating
Oil temperature & RPM recording
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