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Exhaust &

Air Filtering



A wheel–sleeve filter units suitable for powder extraction and filtration. The structure is made of pressure bended galvanized iron.The filter is equipped with a plenum chamber for heavy dust removal and of pleated polyester cartridge.

Mobile mechanical extractors
Mobile mechanical extractors

Mobile mechanical extractors were desi-gned for aspiration and filtration of fumes generated during all the most common welding processes (GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding with CO2, SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding with low hydrogen/rutile electrodes, TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, ect.). The functioning of the system is assured by an internal fan of 1.5 horsepowe. The fumes are sucked from the welding work areas, through an articulated tubular 200 mm diameter arm

Mobile Extractor